About me

I am a Software Engineer in the Google network infrastructure team, where I work on exciting problems in computer networking systems, especially data center networks, machine learning infrastructures. Prior to joining Google, I obtained the PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Kentucky.

I was born in Qingdao, China. I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Honors College (School of Advanced Engineering) of Beihang University, Beijing, China.


News: Concury is accepted by SoCC 2020.

News: String Figure is accepted by HPCA 2019.

News: SeqOthello full paper is published in Genome Biology.

I had the opportunity to work with my advisor Prof Chen Qian and Prof Jinze Liu over the years at school.

  • Othello: A data structure for ultra-fast classification query (Source Code )
    • Concise : a fast and scalable Forwarding Information Base.
      Paper and Slides for IEEE ICNP'17
      Video of NSF AiTF-SDN presentation by Chen Qian
    • SDLB : A Scalable and Dynamic Software Load Balancer for Fog and Mobile Edge Computing
      Paper and Slides for ACM SIGCOMM MECOMM'17
    • MetaOthello : Ultra-fast classification for sequencing reads.
      Journal paper in Bioinformatics
    • SeqOthello : SeqOthello: Query over RNA-seq experiments at scale
      Source Code and Journal paper in Genome Biology
  • Data Center Network with Random Topologies
    • FTDC: Failure-Resilient Routing for High Performance Data Center Networks with Random Topologies
      Paper in CloudCom'16
    • Space Shuffle: A Scalable, Flexible, and High-Bandwidth Data Center Network.
      Journal version in TPDS, Slides for ICNP'14

  • Software Defined Networks Management
    • DCM:Distributed and Collaborative Traffic Monitoring in Software Defined Networks
      Paper in HotSDN'14
    • NetCP: Multi-level Checkpointing and Rollback for Software Defined Networks.
      I worked on this project while I was an intern at the Ericsson Research under the supervision of Dr Ying Zhang
  • See a list of my publications

Othello Hashing

Ultra-fast and Memory-efficient Key-value Lookups for Large-scale Data

Applications that resolve several major challenges in cloud, computer networks, big data, and bioinformatics.
More coming!

  • Concise Forwarding Information Base
  • SDLB Software Load Balancer
  • MetaOthello Taxonomic Classification
  • SeqOthello Transcript Query
    on RNA-seq datasets